• Fit toyota engine
  • Diameter: 78.7mm,79mm,80.5mm,86mm,92mm,94mm,95mm,96mm,102mm,108mmetc
  • Material: Ductile Iron,Alloy Cast Iron,Vermicular iron,steel,etc.
  • Brand: YLD PARTS
  • M.O.Q: Depend on stock,if available,no MOQ request,15-35days for new production.
  • Payment terms: T/T,West union,paypal etc.

Fit toyota engine model:

VehicleEngine ModelRefer No
For toyota5A13011-15050/ 13011-15100
For toyota3ZZ
For toyota5K13011-13040/ 13011-13050/ 13011-13090/
For toyota2C13011-64060/ 13011-64110/ 13011-64170
For toyota2L-T13011-54050/ 13011-54060/ 13011-54031/ 13011-54100
For toyota2KD13011-30031/ 13011-30060
For toyota1HZ13011-17010
For toyota3L13011-54120
For toyota1KZ13011-67030
For toyota5L13011-54130
For toyota14B13011-58050
For toyota13B13011-58030
For toyota15B......13011-58110

Our Piston Ring Manufacturing Process:

piston ringmanufacturing process

  • Antirust paper—-Box—-Carton
  • Antirust paper—-woodencase
piston ring packing

Packed with box








piston ring wooden case packing

Packed with wooden case

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Toyota Piston Ring