What’s the function&purpose of piston ring?

Generally the piston ring have 4 functions: –Sealing Preventing combustion chamber gas jumped into the crankcase,improving the thermal efficiency. Leakage will not only reduce the power of the engine, but also make oil deterioration.Sealing is the first function of top ring. –Controling oil scraped off the excess oil of the cylinder wall,leaving a thin layer…


Piston Ring Installation

How to install piston rings? Firstly,prepare the below installation tool :                 Correct installation order should: Expander—oil ring—2nd ring—top ring.                 Checking the marks on the ring side, the marked side should face up.              …


Piston Ring Gap

The engine’s performance influence vehicle good or bad directly. Piston ring is one of the engine key components,if sealing not good,will cause lack of compression and power heat down,serious cases could cause engine scuffing failure,so the piston ring  gap is very important.  (1)Piston Ring Closed Gap                  …