The engine’s performance influence vehicle good or bad directly. Piston ring is one of the engine key components,if sealing not good,will cause lack of compression and power heat down,serious cases could cause engine scuffing failure,so the piston ring  gap is very important. 


(1)Piston Ring Closed Gap











How to measure the piston ring closed gap(1)?

Place the piston rings in the ring gauge (the ring gauge’s diameter same as the cylinder),

Measure the narrowest distance of the opening.

The expansion of the piston ring closed gap can effectively prevent being scuffing failure when strong heat in the internal combustion engine.

Piston Ring Side&Black Gap

(2)Piston Ring Side&Black Gap













How to measure the piston ring side gap?

Measure the clearance between the ring and the groove with guage.


(3)Measure the piston ring side gap











If the side gap too small,the piston ring will stuck in the groove due to the expansion or carbon deposition.

If the side gap too large,the sealing will decreased,and piston ring move up and down in the groove.

(2)Piston Ring Back Gap:

If side gap small morel,it easy to broken when working and cause to scuff.

If side gap large more,the back pressure will be a problem,and will cause leakage or oil burn.

Therefore,the piston ring gap should reasonable and meet the needs of engine performance when design and processing.


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